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The Top 10 Marketing Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Small business owners often become caught up in managing daily operations, forgetting an essential strategic point: you have to sell. Marketing is imperative if a business is going to attract any sales, and entrepreneurs should invest time and resources to better understand how to incorporate or improve strategies. Understanding the ins and outs of marketing should be a business owner’s priority, as mistakes can be costly. (Trust me, I know!)

Below are 10 marketing tips every small business owner or entrepreneur should know. These should help provide confidence and guidance in creating a sustainable marketing plan…

1) Take things one at a time
Inexperienced marketers often fall for the temptation to try every marketing strategy at once. Don’t. Choose one or two initiatives and stick to them for a season. Implementing a single (and successful) marketing initiative is difficult even for seasoned marketers, so make sure to research your market, figure out where to find them – and then plan your attack, I mean initiative, accordingly. Be confident in your plan and don’t overextend.

2) The fruits of commitment are sweet
Marketing is by no means easy. You will need time for research, meetings, presentations and consultations with other professionals. Remain committed to your goals. Success doesn’t come overnight. Work hard and remain productive and steadfast, even after the money starts trickling in. Find a marketing mentor and listen, learn and apply what makes sense for your business.

3) Content is the modern day billboard
In the past, companies would spend big bucks trying to design the perfect billboard. But with the internet, you can save some cash reach even more prospects by investing in useful, valuable content. Don’t underestimate social media and web content. Buyers can and will find the information they need online. If you aren’t easy to find with an established online presence, well get to work.

4) A great website means serious deals
Think of your website as your shop. Make it stand out, and be sure it’s easy to navigate with a strong user experience. Do visitors have to wait for pages or images to load? They shouldn’t, and they won’t. In most cases, you’ve lost them after a few seconds. And don’t take this lightly, your site needs to be mobile friendly, end of story. Most people will see your site on their smartphones, so make sure your site converts to mobile with a simple, functional mobile design.

5) Keep in touch with trends
Trends are constantly evolving, and to survive marketers must keep up. Branding and ecommerce via social media is now inevitable: embrace it. As a small business owner, it’s vital to stay up-to-date with marketing trends if you want to stay relevant. Maybe you could even set the new standard in your industry – Facebook Live or Facebook TV advertising – are those for you? If so, be the first to jump in!

6) Agility is a business owner’s most important trait
Things change usually when you least expect it. It’s up to the owner or your marketing team (if you are lucky enough to have one!) to leverage these changes. If a story breaks and you can use it to positively brand your product, be ready to seize the opportunity. Content creation and careful affiliations can help build your name and brand, but be flexible to deviate a little from your original paths long as it gets you to your destination.

7) Test your tactics
Before launching on a large scale, test and keep testing your plan until you’re confident with results. Tweak anything that doesn’t measure up to your target audience’s needs so you end (and spend) with a fool proof approach. For example, be sure to test email blasts: subject lines, headlines, your CTAs (i.e. Buy Now, Learn More, Watch Now!) Test, test, test. Then, use the best results for your larger roll-outs.

8) Keep it fresh
To gain and keep an audience, one post a month won’t cut it. Repeat visitors need to see fresh content on your website and social media profiles regularly. This will build trust to ensure you are legitimate and reliable. In addition to advertising your company, content creates an opportunity for customers to develop a connection with your venture. If you rarely post, you’ll rarely strike a deal.

9) Establish trust

In the business world, trust is difficult to gain and even more difficult to maintain. Make your word worth something. Execute and follow through for clients.

10) Patience is a virtue
It might take longer than expected to achieve your goals with any marketing strategy, but don’t give up. Exercise patience. If one method fails, be ready to rise up and try again until you find one that works.

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