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The Fundamentals of Creating a Great User Experience

Creating a great User Experience is a top priority for any developer who wants to establish a healthy relationship with their customers. But this is easier said than done. Oftentimes, great design is recognizable only after it has been done. Actually getting there is the hard part.

While related, the User Experience (UX) shouldn’t be confused with the User Interface (UI). UX refers to a combination of tasks that help to create an engaging, effective experience and flow. On the other hand, the User Interface complements the user experience, covering the look and feel of the app.

The big question for digital marketers in 2018 is how to create a great User Experience on their app or website. Well, it starts by learning the elements of a great UX:


Visitors must find value in your app or website if you wish to convert them into potential buyers. Once they are engaged, you must continue to offer them value if you wish to maintain the customer base.


Navigation on your site must be flawless if you intend for visitors to stick around. People will quickly switch from your website if they cannot easily locate tabs and functions. Pages must load quickly, and guests shouldn’t need to regularly resize pages to access information. Making the website dynamic is a major element for ensuring great UX.

User Interface

An app must have an aesthetic appeal to the target clients. Get creative with the layout, design and overall look if you want your target base to return. A drab site indicates that you might not be serious, reliable or even qualified to deliver on your promises. The User Interface is often a consumer’s first impression, and it must be great.


The user must be happy to use your site because it leaves a lasting impression on them. A product that triggers an emotional response is always desirable. Games don’t necessarily boast the best usability, but they are enjoyable and therefore very popular.

Research is the core of great UX. You will need to interact with and observe your target group in order to figure out their preferences. At this stage of building the User Experience, you must also consult primary and secondary stakeholders to ensure the right content is placed on the website and that you are meeting the needs of users. Surveys are an easy way of getting information about preferences, and for the best results you should keep any conversations short. Study the competition for ideas on what keeps your target audience interested. Looking at your rivals in the industry is also a great way to prevent duplicate content.

Before launching, many websites offer a beta version to help in testing the User Experience. This is done for a specific timeline as the company gathers data to help enhance usability. Once you identify the areas that are not working, revise and then release a new version of the app. Having done all the legwork to create a memorable, fascinating and effective user experience, hold still and let the changes take effect. Customers may not notice that pages load faster, but such simple acts will propel your website to the front.

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