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7 Ways to Optimize Your SEO Strategy

SEO rules are always evolving. As a business owner, adapting to new strategies will be what gives you the digital edge over your competitors. Optimization is critical—who doesn’t want to appear before all of their competitors in native searches? If you want to stay ahead of the SEO game, follow these guidelines when creating web content:

Think mobile with SEO

Contrary to the past, when marketers used to focus more on desktop search, mobile search today has a larger audience. More people continue to access voice-based searches on mobile devices (think about how you usually search things: in your car, on the go, “Hey, Siri”), and search engines are making efforts to implement the mobile-first strategy. Google and other search engines will base their rankings on the quality and content of mobile rather than the desktop versions.

To stay on top of the game, webmasters, as well as marketers, should include accelerated mobile pages to rank among the top on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Your mobile version should load faster and be easy to use for your website to rank higher on the results page.

Value the User Experience (UX)

UX is fundamental to a successful SEO strategy because most search engines focus on it. Ensure that your website loads quickly and performs smoothly across all platforms. If not, you’ll lose potential customers, as reflected by a recent study by Google showing that 40% of visitors will turn away when the website doesn’t load in 3 seconds.

Focus on voice

With the launch of tech devices such as Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant, and others, voice-based searches are on the rise. Think about how conversational your content is. Include everyday language as part of the syntax—tech reports suggest that voice search will become even more sophisticated in the near future.

Quality content matters

One of the best ways to optimize SEO is ensuring your content is top notch: both quality and relevant to the topic at hand. Users are selective, and having poor website content that’s irrelevant will show in your conversion rates. Publish quality content and in a timely fashion. Try interactive pieces: surveys, quizzes, polls, videos, and infographics.

Rank more long-tail keywords

If you’re working in a highly competitive market, you need to build your campaign’s momentum. Focus on low-hanging opportunities for you to experience quick and easy wins. The reason for this is to create or optimize existing content to cover less competitive topics through keyword research, SERP analysis and opportunity discovery.
Come up with 10-20 effective long-tail keywords and build content specifically targeting the topic. Need help building strategic links? Reach out to us and we can help.

Optimize featured snippets

Featured snippets should be reviewed for a successful SEO campaign, as they display direct results to queries above search results. Snippets are used by search engines to display a summary of your search term result in the form of a paragraph, list, or table extracted from one of the top pages in SERPs. Since they take about 10% of organic traffic, don’t overlook their capacity for SEO. They have a positive impact on user experience since visitors tend to click on snippets. Structure your data and content and make sure the information remains precise and to the point.

Value reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics are necessary for a positive SEO campaign. Make sure to set up an analytics platform to make sure all events are tracked. This will give you a clear picture of consumer behavior, as you’ll be able to tell what content actually appealed to the target audience (including user experience issues).

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