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7 Design Rules Every Website Should Follow

Design Rule ChecklistIf you’re an individual or business looking to start a website, there’s almost certainly a market for it. And chances are someone else (if not many others) has published a site related to your topic. This is why the first impression is essential to making your site not only palatable to a user, but actually stand out. Online experience influences most consumers’ decisions of whether or not a purchase is made. Depending on brand or product, it is estimated that more than 80% of consumers opt to visit a product or service’s website before making their final decision.

Your website should guarantee its visitors an exclusive online experience where appearance, usability, and accessibility are all considered. To achieve this, we’ve created a checklist for you to consider to ensure your site is in top shape:

Site Navigation

Your navigation should be intuitive for any user. In the same way, it’s useful to have clear labeling and street names for ease of navigation in the real world, an intuitive site navigation is necessary for any website. A potential client visiting your website should be able to easily understand and use different features within pages. If a user feels confused, then it means he or she will leave the page in search of a friendlier site.

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile design should no longer be a second thought. Your site should be optimized for mobile viewing, end of story. Users should be able to access the page from a phone or tablet without interruption. Apart from desktop access, internet users are more satisfied when they can have access using a phone, tablet, or laptop. Responsive Web Design (RWD), a feature that enables all design elements to automatically respond based on the size and type of the mobile device, is essential.

Original, High-Quality Images

Photos have the capacity to provide a whole new online experience. As long as the photos are original and of top quality, the monotony of text will be broken. While stock images can provide convenience for designers, nothing compares to original, meaningful photography.

Fresh, Original, and Quality Content

Content is key when it comes to giving your visitors value for their time and money. It will set you apart from competitors and keep visitors coming back. Content should be fresh, original and of high quality with properly formatted and well-written copy. The design should also be aesthetically pleasing: consistency with fonts, graphics, color palettes, etc.

Links to Social Media

Social media is significant to nearly any business’s growth. Most online users prefer (and even expect) quick responses to questions and problems. Include button links to all of your social media profiles during the design process. Buttons must be in a consistent and conventional place for easy access. The header or footer of your web page is recommended.

A Clear Call To Action (CTA)

Your CTA is what you want the user to take once he or she visits the site. It should be clear, precise and formatted to stick out from the rest of the content. A Call to Action should also be situated in a prominent position. Either the last item on the page for customers to decide what action to take, now that they have the details, or above the fold. Try creating a button with clear action text (e.g. Register, See Work).

Optimize for SEO

Having a technique that focuses on improving search engine ranking is important for any website; you need to be seen to pass your message. The higher you are within SEO ranks, the more traffic your site will receive. This means more leads and potential revenue. Keyword research is fundamental in SEO. It provides details on how different users search for specific content.

Having a website is currently compared to having a business card. Whether users learn about your company at an event, through a referral, or word of mouth, they will only come to a final decision once they visit your website. With the above checklist in place, you can make your website stand out and be seen through the crowd.

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