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6 Email Design Trends to Adopt in 2018

Email is essential in digital marketing, a tool for both customer engagement and retention. However, email marketing requires a unique approach for conversion. Email design should be clean, interactive and consistent with your brand’s standards. Consider these design trends for 2018 if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve:

  1. Brand-consistent fonts

Make your emails more visually appealing and capture your subscribers’ attention. When choosing fonts, make sure text is both aesthetically pleasing and legible. There’s no point in having something pretty if your readers can’t read it.

  1. Greater interactivity

Gone are the days of no-response emails. Customers need to know they are interacting with real people, and that means being able to respond to emails. Interactivity may pose design challenges, but it’s a chance for designers to flex that creative muscle. As email design becomes more interactive, we will see more progressive enhancements: animations, cinemagraphs, GIFs, etc.

  1. Emotive design

Connect with your audience on a more human level. Don’t be afraid to use more emotive language, illustrations and photography. This trend calls for more personal communication with customers. Create an experience for the user.

  1. Greater accessibility

Email designers should work to improve the accessibility of HTML email. Is your email accessible for those who rely on screen readers? It should be.

  1. Clear, easy unsubscribing

Isn’t it annoying to repeatedly receive marketing emails without any possibility of unsubscribing? Email marketers have realized just how damaging this can be, and in response have designed a less complicated unsubscribe process. When a customer unsubscribes, it isn’t necessarily because they cease to become customers. Customers never want to feel coerced into a mailing list, so unsubscribing should be simple.

  1. Live polling

This is an easy way of gathering opinions about your brand from subscribers. Live polling in emails allows you to develop a customer-centered marketing strategy, which is more effective than the usual sale pitch.

Email marketing design keeps changing as companies look to gain more edge over the competition. However, don’t feel the need to overhaul your process; start slow. Choose two or three of the above techniques and give them a try. Let us know the results!