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5 Reasons to Update Your Website in 2018

As an entrepreneur or digital professional, it’s no secret that having a strong website (one that’s simple, attractive and intuitive) will help your business thrive. It’s why developers and designers spend so much time building websites: adjusting sections, headers and navbars until it’s all just right. This effort is invaluable, but once a site is finally launched, too often everything comes to a grinding halt. No new content, site monitoring or maintenance because all seems well with a site to show. However, for any business to succeed within the digital realm, its website must be regularly updated. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Enhances visual appeal

Think of your website like a storefront. Would you place items on display and leave them untouched for a year? Dust would gather, packages would fade, and in some cases the smell emanating from the shelves would become a deterrent. For the shop to keep attracting customers, it must remain clean, dust free and have an aesthetically pleasing display of products (as well as good advertising). Similarly, a website must be closely updated to ensure that it complies with search engine standards and the needs of your audience.

Delivering fresh content means sprucing up graphics and images to make them more attractive. Perfecting optics takes time, so do your part and deliver visuals that not only express your tastes but also reflect the desires of your visitors.

2. Improves responsiveness

A responsive website allows users to view pages on any device. Visitors should be able to read text in full using their mobile phones or tablets, as well as their desktops. Eliminate the need to zoom or click many links to access information. Otherwise, they will quickly move to another site. If in doubt, start with a mobile-first experience, as most people will view your site on their phones.

3. Provides useful content to readers

Websites often include a section where visitors can get tips, reviews and articles. But when these are a year old, they aren’t particularly helpful. Give visitors something new: update articles and images. New, innovative content means new visitors, which provides the perfect opportunity to create a lasting rapport. Don’t expect much from a website with nothing but an old picture and outdated article.

4. Search engine optimization

When updating your site, don’t neglect search engine optimization (SEO). It’s inevitable once you’ve taken the plunge into the digital world. If you want visibility, you must master the art of SEO and make sure to keep up with changes to the rules. Optimizing your site allows people to find your content and appear first in search results. It involves the use of keywords, phrases and different writing techniques to perfectly tailor content to customers.

A company involved in the sale of kitchen appliances knows that professional chefs would be among their main visitors. The company would, therefore, need to choose keywords that chefs are likely to use when searching. If these keywords are strategically placed in an article, it would help the website appear among the first page of search results on popular search engines.

There are many rules of SEO that all website owners must follow, however, for profitable outcomes. For example, if you spam keywords or provide useless information, Google will penalize (or ban) your website.

5. Ensures your website is meeting expectations

Updating your website helps ensure you’re meeting industry standards and customer expectations. Tools like Google Analytics monitor traffic to help you determine if your SEO, marketing and updates are working to your benefit. All website administrators must make necessary updates to attract more visitors.

We live in a fast-paced world. People want fresh content and have little patience for delay. Your website must be seen to keep up with changes in technology for you to maintain your current customer base, as well as attract new ones.

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