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The TOP 5 Reasons to Update Your Website in 2018

In the past, a website was often just viewed as an extension of your business—similar to a marketing brochure. Today this is no longer the case. Your website is your first, most accessible representation of your organization and can make or break you within seconds. You have about 3 seconds to get your prospect’s attention and even less to keep it. Your site can work for or against you – and you might not ever know it. So what do you need to think about when considering updating your website? Aside from the fact that your site is (or should be) the central hub for the majority of your marketing initiatives and therefore needs to represent your brand properly, there are many other just as important reasons to update your website in 2018:

1. Is your website safe and sound? (SECURITY is the #1 Reason to UPDATE NOW)

The most important reason for updating your website this year is for security. Hacking has become so prevalent that you simply can’t afford to take the chance. Armed with sophisticated malware, modern-day hackers can compromise a business within minutes and take down your site for days or weeks. Can you afford to be offline? A secure website also ensures the safety of visitors information, making sure they can confidently come back to buy goods and subscribe to your services.

2. Content! Content! Content!

In real estate location is king. Online, content is king. The primary purpose of your website is to reach as many potential customers as possible. It is, therefore, essential to ensure regular updates with relevant, engaging content. If you are sending prospects to your site through email campaigns, PPC, social media, etc. – and even if you aren’t – prospects are searching for your products and services online. If they happen to land on your site – are you ready to serve them? Does your website scream YES! or NEXT! (Watch our latest video here.)

3. Can your site do the downward dog? (Is it FLEXIBLE?)

Content may be king, but if your visitors can’t read your content, then your efforts are in vain. Smartphones have created not only a demand for everyone to have a website but also a responsive one. Now is the time to make sure your site is accessible, adaptable and aesthetic across all devices. An unresponsive site will send visitors away faster than anything. Make sure you also update your graphics to ensure they are easily viewed across platforms and don’t interfere with site navigation. On an aside, be sure to stay on brand with your colors and imagery to best connect with your target audience.

4. What’s new with you? (Yes -bells and whistles are a MUST!)

Your digital footprint needs to keep up with the times. What worked for you two years ago probably isn’t working as well for you today. New tools (have you seen a flipbook? Are you offering live chat?), layout (designs are a-changin’), conversion factors (CTA’s are HOT, videos are a MUST) – all play a role in how you attract and retain your customers. Interactive and engaging content will get you the best results. Making yourself available and understanding your prospect’s needs is vital. Don’t let a lazy website leave money on the table.

5. The rules have changed, don’t get penalized (Does your SEO send you straight to jail?)

The rules of engagement on various search engines and social platforms are always changing. Search engine optimization is the constant obligation of any website owner, as it is the best way to get prospects to your site without paying for it (sort of like stealing but it’s not!).

A website that is rarely updated will quickly fall behind in search rankings. New, fresh content puts you one step ahead of your competition both literally (offering your prospects valuable information) and digitally – Google will thank you (by pushing you up in the rankings!). Following search engine rules is the only way of ensuring that changes to your site will be effective. Be sure to consult with an SEO expert when updating your website or your efforts could be futile.

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